Wednesday, January 21, 2009

True Proud of AMA CLC Roxas

Most of the contestant bloggers, ps. I am pointing to the AMA bloggers. We said "I am Proud to be an AMA CLC Roxas Student". All the reasons and compliments why we say so. I dont even believe the are really Proud to be an AMA Student, are they?Don't you think who are the true Proud of AMA CLC Roxas Student? Because for me I believe its the working student. I am not just simply saying this, I have proven it for months that I have been in AMA.
I have been observing one person, I just accidentally observe him actually. He is my classmate that's why I know his academic status. He's very good in our class. Now what I am trying to say, "How did he manage to work in school, in a fast food chain and at the same time studying?" In behalf of financial problems, I know he has worries in life. I salute those kind of people and I respect him for doing that. I believe they are deserving to receive the glory of education. Not only him but to all the working student in AMA. You are all Proud of AMA CLC Roxas Student.
Now don't misunderstand me, we are all Proud to be AMA Students, I know that. If not, why would you say so in your blog. Say it if you can, be proud not because you are popular neither for acheiving something great. Maybe you are wondering who is that guy who caught my attention. You know him very well so don't ask anymore..

Working Student of AMA
1. Ma. Mae Lissa Braga
2. Vetelo Andrada
3. Joy Marcelllana
4. Ma. Angelica Libunao
5. Ladymae Dorado
6. Junelyn Gregorio
7. Ronnie Avelino
8. Pete Bryan Lim
9. Marvin Aniero
10. Shyrel Dacles

by: Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009

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