Sunday, January 18, 2009

Blogging Habits in AMA

Proud to be an AMA CLC Roxas StudentAre you a beginner of blogging? If you are, then were the same. I call myself as a novice of blogging, because this will be my first time to enter the world of blogging. Recently Mr. Dwane Cartujano started a competition in AMA about being Proud to be an AMA CLC Roxas Student. The objective of the contest will be on the top 10 list in Google Search Engine to win the prizes. The slated deadline of optimizing is on the second week of February. So how do we achieve the objective of the contest? Being on the top 10 list? Of course, it depends on what is the blogger’s trait especially his/her blogging habits.

Now what are the blogging Habits you must know?

1. Many bloggers who are obsessed to be on top forget to produce quality content. Don’t fall into this kind of temptation. Remember that the purpose of search engine is to give the right information to the people concern. Just picture out the disappointed look of the people reading your blog that doesn’t make any sense to what they are looking.
2. Sir Dwane said to me when I am starting that patience is very important. Blogging is not simple as I thought, it takes time and patience. Did you know that hurrying will only make your blog in danger? Not to the point of danger, but of being neglected.
3. Now lastly, if you successfully entered into the top 10 list, continue your course. I mean, having a place in search engine means it’s already over, you’re wrong. Sir Duane also said that the most difficult part of blogging is maintaining your place. You need to update it regularly. He said that you need to post at least after 2 days. I mean you need to be consistent in giving information. Not only a simple information but a good quality content information.

Remember that having a good impression to your blog is already a reward to your time and effort. It encourages you to make another interesting article. Honestly, my purpose of blogging is not to win the contest. I just want to share ideas and information, based on my interest. I know I’m just one of a million bloggers around the world, I want to show them that I am capable and competitive. Thank you for reading my article. These are some few tips on blogging habits, there’s still more you need to know. The most important thing for me as a blogger is still, your values as a human.

Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009


romsoft97 said...

Congratulations... Your blog is on the Top 10. Kudos also to Sir Duane for unselfishly sharing his expetise and talents to his beloved Alma Mater (AMA CLC) and to the Capiz Bloggers community as a whole. I, too learned from him... Be proud of being Capiznon..

Macho Palito said...
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Gabbeh Rugs said...

Sounds Great!!!