Sunday, January 11, 2009

Story of Girl in AMA CLC

There was a girl in her miserable look, unable to decide of which school she will enter. She think of entering a prestigious and competitive school in her town. But there she is, staring at the white and blue banner in her front. ACLC Roxas.... of all the school in her town, why AMA? The girl thinks if she will be able to say "I'm Proud to be an AMA CLC Roxas Student!" to other people. Will she...

Time passed by, still staring at the white and blue banner, passing again and again in the hallway of their school. The girl thought, "Will I be able to adjust to them. Their still a stranger to me.. I don't know what to do, I have no friends..I think I can't ever adjust to them. I miss my old classmates... I want to be with them forever... But the girl can't just stand there and just glare at the ceiling.. Day after day she were alone, alone in a corner, alone eating, alone in the library. Then she thought of quiting school, but then, there was a teacher which she unknowingly encourage the girl. Every word of that teacher moved her heart. Then at that time, she only recognized how blessed she is of being in AMA school. "I was a fool not to recognized my friendly classmates, not to recognized my good and willful teachers. I'm the one who is wrong. Maybe I can have the courage to say to other, I can make it, and "I'm Proud to be an AMA CLC Roxas Student!"

Only then she started to mingle with the crowd, only then she recognized how her teachers help her to achieve the stage she's now. Little by little she realized that it was best school after all!. Maybe you will wonder who is that girl... That girl is me.... The Girl in AMA CLC... Krizzel..... That's me.... Only then I can proudly say.... "I'm Proud to be an AMA CLC Roxas Student!! And I can say that over and over again to other people wherever and whenever.....

by: Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009

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