Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blogging Risks

Justify FullDid you ever think that there is a possibility of danger in blog?

The blogger has many risks, especially the topics that we are discussing. Some bloggers was fired because of their blog. Some are expelled in their school because of wrong judgment. Better be careful on what we are posting or writing in our blog.

What will you do to avoid these risks?

1. Do not create a false judgment to a people or any establishment without any evidence. Not just because you are angry so you will just talk bad things about them. Be careful because you can be sued.
2. Be brave, if you are brave enough to write such articles in your blog. You must be brave also on the reactions and response of the reader to your blog. Ex. One time, there is a blogger who was alarmed of the reactions and comments of the people in her blog. Some called her slut, bad and many other bad words. Until she almost quit on blogging. But she thought, who will be the loser if she quit? Actually there are still many people who think her blog is good. So she realized to go on and continue to be a blogger.
3. It’s very natural for the blog to receive bad and false judgment just like what I stated above. So how will you avoid that kind of situation? Just simply ignore all of his/her comments. It can distract you for what you are doing. Then, if in case, just delete all of those nonsense and helpless messages.
4. Be creative to make your blog much interesting in the eye of other people. Make your blog lively. Not only for the appearance but also on the article you are writing.
5. Last, if you want other people will love your blog, be true in what you are saying and posting to your blog site.

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