Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blogging Risks

Justify FullDid you ever think that there is a possibility of danger in blog?

The blogger has many risks, especially the topics that we are discussing. Some bloggers was fired because of their blog. Some are expelled in their school because of wrong judgment. Better be careful on what we are posting or writing in our blog.

What will you do to avoid these risks?

1. Do not create a false judgment to a people or any establishment without any evidence. Not just because you are angry so you will just talk bad things about them. Be careful because you can be sued.
2. Be brave, if you are brave enough to write such articles in your blog. You must be brave also on the reactions and response of the reader to your blog. Ex. One time, there is a blogger who was alarmed of the reactions and comments of the people in her blog. Some called her slut, bad and many other bad words. Until she almost quit on blogging. But she thought, who will be the loser if she quit? Actually there are still many people who think her blog is good. So she realized to go on and continue to be a blogger.
3. It’s very natural for the blog to receive bad and false judgment just like what I stated above. So how will you avoid that kind of situation? Just simply ignore all of his/her comments. It can distract you for what you are doing. Then, if in case, just delete all of those nonsense and helpless messages.
4. Be creative to make your blog much interesting in the eye of other people. Make your blog lively. Not only for the appearance but also on the article you are writing.
5. Last, if you want other people will love your blog, be true in what you are saying and posting to your blog site.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Who's That Man in AMA?

There is a certain man in AMA.. I believe there are many student who are angry with him. Just shy to Confess to him. But I'm not, every time he make a decision and convince us not to join in a certain activities. Not knowing what is the real reason why he do it. Do you know,..this man with a curly hair and small, others said, not me.. I really adore him very much. I believe he just want to protect us. From those people who are not worthy to be trust of..

Can you guess who is that man?

Why I adore him very much?

Find out on my next posting..

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

True Proud of AMA CLC Roxas

Most of the contestant bloggers, ps. I am pointing to the AMA bloggers. We said "I am Proud to be an AMA CLC Roxas Student". All the reasons and compliments why we say so. I dont even believe the are really Proud to be an AMA Student, are they?Don't you think who are the true Proud of AMA CLC Roxas Student? Because for me I believe its the working student. I am not just simply saying this, I have proven it for months that I have been in AMA.
I have been observing one person, I just accidentally observe him actually. He is my classmate that's why I know his academic status. He's very good in our class. Now what I am trying to say, "How did he manage to work in school, in a fast food chain and at the same time studying?" In behalf of financial problems, I know he has worries in life. I salute those kind of people and I respect him for doing that. I believe they are deserving to receive the glory of education. Not only him but to all the working student in AMA. You are all Proud of AMA CLC Roxas Student.
Now don't misunderstand me, we are all Proud to be AMA Students, I know that. If not, why would you say so in your blog. Say it if you can, be proud not because you are popular neither for acheiving something great. Maybe you are wondering who is that guy who caught my attention. You know him very well so don't ask anymore..

Working Student of AMA
1. Ma. Mae Lissa Braga
2. Vetelo Andrada
3. Joy Marcelllana
4. Ma. Angelica Libunao
5. Ladymae Dorado
6. Junelyn Gregorio
7. Ronnie Avelino
8. Pete Bryan Lim
9. Marvin Aniero
10. Shyrel Dacles

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Blogging Habits in AMA

Proud to be an AMA CLC Roxas StudentAre you a beginner of blogging? If you are, then were the same. I call myself as a novice of blogging, because this will be my first time to enter the world of blogging. Recently Mr. Dwane Cartujano started a competition in AMA about being Proud to be an AMA CLC Roxas Student. The objective of the contest will be on the top 10 list in Google Search Engine to win the prizes. The slated deadline of optimizing is on the second week of February. So how do we achieve the objective of the contest? Being on the top 10 list? Of course, it depends on what is the blogger’s trait especially his/her blogging habits.

Now what are the blogging Habits you must know?

1. Many bloggers who are obsessed to be on top forget to produce quality content. Don’t fall into this kind of temptation. Remember that the purpose of search engine is to give the right information to the people concern. Just picture out the disappointed look of the people reading your blog that doesn’t make any sense to what they are looking.
2. Sir Dwane said to me when I am starting that patience is very important. Blogging is not simple as I thought, it takes time and patience. Did you know that hurrying will only make your blog in danger? Not to the point of danger, but of being neglected.
3. Now lastly, if you successfully entered into the top 10 list, continue your course. I mean, having a place in search engine means it’s already over, you’re wrong. Sir Duane also said that the most difficult part of blogging is maintaining your place. You need to update it regularly. He said that you need to post at least after 2 days. I mean you need to be consistent in giving information. Not only a simple information but a good quality content information.

Remember that having a good impression to your blog is already a reward to your time and effort. It encourages you to make another interesting article. Honestly, my purpose of blogging is not to win the contest. I just want to share ideas and information, based on my interest. I know I’m just one of a million bloggers around the world, I want to show them that I am capable and competitive. Thank you for reading my article. These are some few tips on blogging habits, there’s still more you need to know. The most important thing for me as a blogger is still, your values as a human.

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ang Nakakahiyang Sikreto

Minsan mayroon tayong sikreto na mahirap
sabihin.. Ito ang isa...PS.. This is not true or based on my experience.. I just wrote it..

Mayroon akong sikretong di alam ng iba,

Ikaw ba naman ay di maiintriga?

Kahit na! Di ka dapat nang-uusisa,

Dahil kapag malaman mo, baka ako’y himatayin sa hiya!

Oo,, alam ko… ginawa ko na iyon.

Betadine, alcohol kahit na sabon.

Array! Ang sakit-sakit pala nun?!

Hayun… Napagalitan tuloy.

“Sinabi nang hayaan mo na”,

“Eh, ikaw naman ang may sala!”

Pakumpas-kumpas pang sermon ni mama.

Kasalan bang magkaroon ng timustimus sa paa?

Sige nga?!

Sige nga?!

Mayroong pagkakataon at di napigilang madala,

Kahit anong paraan ginawa para di makita.

Ngunit, hayun buong ACLC tumawa!

Naku naman, Diyos ko nasaan ang pag-asa?

Kaya’t di na hinintay ang uwian,

At walang pigil na lumisan.

Pagdating sa bahay diretso sa unan,

Iniyak ang lahat ng hiyang nakamtan.

by: Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009

Story of Girl in AMA CLC

There was a girl in her miserable look, unable to decide of which school she will enter. She think of entering a prestigious and competitive school in her town. But there she is, staring at the white and blue banner in her front. ACLC Roxas.... of all the school in her town, why AMA? The girl thinks if she will be able to say "I'm Proud to be an AMA CLC Roxas Student!" to other people. Will she...

Time passed by, still staring at the white and blue banner, passing again and again in the hallway of their school. The girl thought, "Will I be able to adjust to them. Their still a stranger to me.. I don't know what to do, I have no friends..I think I can't ever adjust to them. I miss my old classmates... I want to be with them forever... But the girl can't just stand there and just glare at the ceiling.. Day after day she were alone, alone in a corner, alone eating, alone in the library. Then she thought of quiting school, but then, there was a teacher which she unknowingly encourage the girl. Every word of that teacher moved her heart. Then at that time, she only recognized how blessed she is of being in AMA school. "I was a fool not to recognized my friendly classmates, not to recognized my good and willful teachers. I'm the one who is wrong. Maybe I can have the courage to say to other, I can make it, and "I'm Proud to be an AMA CLC Roxas Student!"

Only then she started to mingle with the crowd, only then she recognized how her teachers help her to achieve the stage she's now. Little by little she realized that it was best school after all!. Maybe you will wonder who is that girl... That girl is me.... The Girl in AMA CLC... Krizzel..... That's me.... Only then I can proudly say.... "I'm Proud to be an AMA CLC Roxas Student!! And I can say that over and over again to other people wherever and whenever.....

by: Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009

Alma Mater Song

Being in AMA is great.. One of that is their song...


You put us in mold dear alma mater
you hold the future in this race against time
through the years in your folds you
nurtured our dreams
Our promise to you
the toast is for you

Dear Alma Mater
You have given us arms
for the battle of life
and the conquest of our dreams

Oh dear AMA
You have sharpened our minds
we will triumph by which
the toast is for you

The light up ahead is victory foreseen
with noble desire we behold it's gleam
our motherland lays her hope on the youths
The future that we hold is her hope that unfolds

Dear Alma Mater
You have given us arms
for the battle of life
and the conquest of our dreams

Oh dear AMA
You have sharpened our minds
we will triumph by which
the toast is for you

by: Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009